Saturday, May 31, 2014

How We Celebrated Our Anniversary- Part One: Let There Be Light

By putting in a new window and blowing out some walls, of course!

Hi everyone, it's been a while ("FINALLY," exclaims my dad).  We have a lottttt to catch up on.  For one thing, Scott and I celebrated our first anniversary a few weekends ago.  It's been a full year of mawwiage, new jobs, house purchasing, and renovating.  That last part has been fairly recent, and is the focus of this entry.  

When we landed in our home, we had pretty much only two gripes with it: 1) the entry way blows (there pretty much isn't one in a split-level), and 2) too closed in and dark.  In the span of two weeks, we've managed to work on both of those issues.

First, our window!  My pride and joy.  One of the first things I said when I saw the front of the house, was "what's with that space over the door, there should be a window there."

You can't even know how much brighter the house is just from this window!  Hint: it's SO MUCH BRIGHTER.  Abby has always loved laying at the top of the stairs just in case someone decides to come over, but now she never leaves, because there's a giant swatch of sunshine that she can lay in.  Here's some more photos because I'm obsessed.  

LOOK how bright!

As you can see, we still need to paint before it is DONE done.  But I just looove how the foyer looks now.  The rug and the plant and mirror made it nice, but the sunshine from the window makes is wonderful.  And this was a super quick project (then again, we definitely did NOT DIY this.  It was super fast for the pros).  I left for work in the morning, and by mid-afternoon, it was done.  Ten-Thousand percent would recommend.  

Stay tuned for How We Celebrated Our Anniversary- Part Two.  That's the one where we blow out a couple walls and live out of a box.  Are you excited?  Cuz I am.