Monday, October 6, 2014

The "I Peed on a Stick and Everyone Got Excited" Story

Here's the story of how I found out I was expecting an unholy terror of my very own.  And how we told the various people in our lives.

On July 12, Scott and I jetlagged our way back to Maryland from a long and awesome trip to Portland and Vegas.  We were in Portland for my friend's wedding, and to visit Scott's fam, and we stopped by Vegas with a couple friends for fun- because hey, why not?  It's practically on the way.  We hung out, we ate tons of food, I avoided the sun like the plague because I didn't have any sunscreen, blah blah blah you will have read all of this over here at this post.  So my parents picked us up from the airport, we finally got home, dumped our bags down, and immediately crawled into bed for a nap.  I woke up first, eventually, and thought "now would probably be the time to take one of those pregnancy tests in the bathroom."  My period had been due a day earlier, and I had sort-of convinced myself that it was late due to travel, etc... but I took the little cheap test (the one that's like a litmus test or something from 7th grade science class).  And that one came back with two lines.  So then I pulled out the expensive test (the traditional one that costs like 14 dollars and gave me a minor aneurysm when I bought it [I'm cheap] and I vowed never to use it UNLESS I WAS SURE because I would probably cry if I used it and it came back negative and I got my period the next day), the early response kind, and that one popped it's line up within the first 30 seconds of using it.  So then I was convinced.

Because if there weren't pics, you'd never believe I was telling the truth!

So then I told Scott in the most "me" way imaginable.  I climbed into bed, stared at his face, poked him until he woke up, and shoved the thing right into his eyes, basically.  Tres romantique.

Then he took the first of a series of photos, the Me Standing in Front of a Wall series.

This is my "starting" picture.  But there is a baby there.  
The food baby from 4 days of all you can eat Vegas buffets. 

Then we had to wait for like, an entire month or something to tell other people (family).  It was HORRIBLE.  Scott can't keep a secret to save his life, and was annoying the everloving crap out of me.  Sorry babe.  It's true.  But this gave me time to plan Cute Ways to Tell.  We ordered my parents some tshirts online (it's a long silly story but the cliffs is that my family likes to do special shirts for big events and it can be embarrassing but in the fun way that families are).  Dad's looked like the Godfather logo but said The Grandfather instead.  Mom's we had custom made at some custom made T-shirt website, and said "Momsy, because I'm too young to be called Grandmother."  We waited until we went to the OB and got our first ultrasound before we told anyone else.  So we took the shirts over to my parents, and they were delighted, of course, and then we showed off the ultrasound.  That same night, we FaceTime'd with Scott's family and told them the news and showed them the picture too.  We had to wait a few days to tell my brother and sister-in-law, but I copied one of the ultrasound photos and wrote "Future model for Peony Blossoms" on there (in case you didn't know, my BFF/SIL has a couple of great knit shops on etsy, and the one for babies is Peony Blossoms).

And that was how we told the fam.  You already saw how we told the rest of the world (aka Facebook).

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